18 December 2009 @ 12:19 am
I've logged into my Photobucket accounts a few hours ago and the layouts are looking fine now. I'm very sorry for the downtime ^^;;; If you want to make sure that there won't be any future inconveniences you should save the pictures to your own account, now it should work fine for a while though.

Well, I was looking for a good reason to write a new entry, I guess this is it... ^^

So, months ago I was working on a new layout but then I started to work on time consuming projects (for a living) and since I was already programming and designing a lot for work I stopped designing layouts during my free time. I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish the layout that I started but I'm definitely starting to miss creating LJ layouts and sharing them on the internet ^^.

I have to add that I also lost some interest in Livejournal. The reason why I created an account in the first place was because of tv fandoms (the Veronica Mars fandom in particular) and since the writers strike I gradually lost interest in tv shows and tv fandoms. I don't know what it is with the new network shows but I'm not obsessed with any of them at the moment (I'm still hoping that a show will fill the void left by Veronica Mars, but it's not happening.) Anyway, I needed to replace tv shows with something else and this something else is *music*. If anyone's interested you'll find me here, on LastFM. ^^

I'm sorry for not answering most of the technical questions that some of you asked during these past few months. Since I need to get myself into it again, whenever I have the time I'll answer the questions that you may ask (starting from today), only if the answer isn't already in the F.A.Q. of course. It'll help me keep in touch with Livejournal. ^^

Thanks for reading and thanks for continuing to use my layouts and for showing appreciation for my work. I'll keep you informed. Happy holidays everyone!
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It's a bit late but...

If you're using one of my older layouts you may have noticed that all the posts' titles where changed into links a few days ago (which also changed their color.)

To modify the color of the titles, add this line at the end of your stylesheet:
.subject { color: #FFFFFF !important; } .subject a { color: #FFFFFF !important; }
(the titles will be white, but of course you can replace #FFFFFF with any color code you want.)

New colors for the profile layouts...

I updated my profile layouts post. You can now match the color of the profile layouts with the colors of my latest layout.

Pick your profile: version 1, version 2.
Replace the text cyan with the color of your layout, replace the text #28B2E3 with one of the following color codes. You're done.

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You're not dreaming, it's a post from me, a new layout even. Enjoy!

Layout: You've got to say the number.
Style: S2 Flexible Squares.
Accounts: Free, Plus (vertical and horizontal alignment only), Paid.
Resolution: 1024x728 and up.
Tested with: IE 7 (XP), Firefox 3 (XP), Opera 9 (XP), Safari 3 (Mac OS).
Notes: I used one of fontalicious amazing dingbats in the header.
8 color schemes.

Image preview   Live preview

Read this page and the F.A.Q. before asking questions. Thank you.

1/ How to install
2/ Important
3/ CSS code and pictures
4/ Further Customizations
    Change the color scheme
    Change the width of the layout
    Add a header picture
    Turn on the moodtheme pictures

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20 July 2008 @ 05:37 pm
I know... I haven't checked my FL in forever and I haven't updated this journal in forever [insert a ramble about RL and apologies to my FL here.] Yet, my FL kept growing and getting close to 500! (W00t!) And I felt like I should do something special.
Since several people asked for my profile codes, here are 2 profile layouts I have used over the past year. I hope you like them and that this post will make up for the lack of updates ;) For those of you who were hoping for a (css) layout, there's one in the works ;)
20 July 2008 @ 05:31 pm
For each version, you can choose how many "boxes" you want and you can easily change the color scheme (the colors are similar to the ones I used in the layouts I released so far, with some slight changes.)

Comment if you take ^^

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